Films screened at WORM

The film night at WORM back in May was packed out. As promised, here are the films which were screened. These have all been carefully ripped off the internets and subtitled in english. Much respect to all the original film makers and also to Cineac / Pietje Bell Rotterdam, which was great local community television (lots on youtube!). Unfortunately it lost its funding in 2015.

Credits are given where appropriate, if something is wrong please leave a comment and we will fix it at the next available opportunity.

Kraken gaat door! All films listed below:

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Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is now online, broken down by day at the top of the homepage and also listed here:

May 18 cafe at the Poortgebouw.

May 19 bike tour and film night at WORM.

May 20 day of discussions at Poortgebouw (please be on time), evening seminar at Erasmus University

May 21 day of discussions at Poortgebouw (please be on time)

May 22 event at V2

Hopefully questions are answered on the FAQ

These events and lots of others are listed on


Film night at WORM

Thursday May 19 there will be a brief presentation of the collective and then a screening of short films from various Rotterdam-based sources.

20.00-22.00 at WORM Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA

Come watch the history of just a few projects from Rotterdam’s rich squatted past on the big screen, including: Emmahuis, Fietsenfabriek, Rotte Boerderij, Schieblok, Snellinckstraat/Zwaerdecroonstraat and many more!

This event is free.

The presentation will be in English, the films will be in Dutch with English subtitles.

V2 Discussion: Making Room – Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces

Book Talk and Discussion about Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces with Alan Smart of Other Forms (part of the Squatting Europe Kollective conference 2016)

Sunday May 22, 20.00-22.00, free entry

 V2, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, Netherlands

Radar / Facebook / V2

Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces (edited by Alan W.Moore and Alan Smart) is an anthology of texts on art, media and aesthetic practice in the context of squatting, occupation and urban space activism. It includes pieces by activist researchers working between the academy and the movements they write about, journalistic first-person narratives by squatters, original photography, and interviews with artists, theorists and activists involved in struggles over urban space and creative production in the city.

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Seminar at Erasmus University: Squatting and migration into Europe

Regardless of whether or not attempts to manage migration will effective, there are migrants or refugees around who need some form of housing or shelter now. This involves informal solutions that directly or indirectly tie into the decades-old European tradition of urban squatting.

May 20th, 19:30, Lecture Hall Polak 0-06 (Polak Building, Campus Woudestein, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam).

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February Update

The conference proper will be two days of discussion (Friday/Saturday) at the Poortgebouw where members of SqEK present their work on squatting. Alongside this, there will be some public events such as a film night at WORM, a seminar at the Erasmus University, a debate at V2 and a bicycle tour of squatted Rotterdam.